Saturday, April 3, 2010

Regional Recipes

Once upon a time there was a girl.

A girl with a dream.

She wanted. You see. To eat the world. All from a tiny kitchen. In a tiny apartment. In New York City.

And not just that. She wanted to spread the love. To all of you.

And that's how Regional Recipes was born. (Not really. It was actually the brainchild of Blazing Hot Wok. That was then passed onto the girl in question - Joanne of Eats Well With Others. And somehow ended up here. Adrift in the winds of bloggerdom.)

But what is Regional Recipes, you ask?

It's a blogging event that celebrates food from all over the world! Each month a region will be selected and people should post a recipe originating from that area. Submissions should be for a particular dish or should spotlight a particular ingredient that is widely used and somewhat unique to that region. To make it really interesting, I think participants should give some background about the dish or ingredient. By background, I’m not thinking just facts, but maybe a little story. Give us some context. Why is this dish great? How did you come upon it? During your travels? Did a friend make it for you? Your mom taught it to you? That type of stuff.

Here are the rules.

The Rules:
1. Make a dish, write it up and include a picture. I really think pictures give people an idea of what the dish should look like and convince them why they should try it.

2. In your write-up, make sure you link to this page and to Eats Well With Others so other people can find the information on this event.

If you want a logo to include in your post you may use this one:

Blazing Hot Wok

3. Submit your entry to me at Include your name (or handle), your location, your blog’s name and URL, the permalink to the post, and a picture.

4. Entries should be submitted by the end of the month so the round-up can be posted on the ASAP!

Regional Recipes Round-Ups

#1 Middle East

#2 Ireland - to come

#3 Haiti - Deadline April 30th


  1. A super delicious round up ...every one of em is super delicious super gal has another blog to handle now :-)))
    It 'll be and is a lovely space to come to......

  2. Thanks Joanne, excellent job on the round up! I hope to have time to visit them all during the week at some point and hopefully will be able to find something for the April round up - might be a little more difficult than usual while I'm doing the dollar a day challenge, but I'll try! :-)

  3. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to expand my horizons. I already made my recipe and once I write it up, it will be yours. Good luck with this.